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Concrete Wall


DNAWORKS created Half in Two as part of Amphibian Stage Productions' currently running NEIGHBORHOOD LEAP, an augmented reality project that sits at the intersection of urban placemaking, immersive technology, art, history, and conversation. NEIGHBORHOOD LEAP takes viewers on a tour of the vibrant South Main Village of Fort Worth, TX.

NEIGHBORHOOD LEAP is now live in the App Store and Google Play Store!

Through interviews with local elders Ms. Betty Franklin, Dr. Opal Lee, Mr. Bob Ray Sanders, and Ms. Estella Williams, Half in Two tells the story of the historic Black Southside community and how it was divided by the construction of Interstate 35. Thank you, Kathleen Culebro, Jay Duffer, Ayesha Ganguly, and everyone at Amphibian Stage Productions for including DNAWORKS in this important project. And a shoutout to DNAWORKS Ensemble member Kwesi Johnson of The Cultural Assembly for your faith and vision in co-commissioning this piece!

Check out this article that includes an interview with Daniel!

NEIGHBORHOOD LEAP is currently available to view by downloading the app and taking the walking tour.


Dancer: Adam W. McKinney

Director: Daniel Banks

Editor: Luca Baida

Voices: Ms. Betty Franklin, Dr. Opal Lee,

Mr. Bob Ray Sanders, Ms. Estella Williams

Researcher: Moses Kama

Special Thanks to:

Kati Culebro, Jay Duffer and Ayesha Ganguly, Amphibian Stage Productions

Kwesi Johnson, The Cultural Assembly

Morgana Wilborn and Tiffany Hall

Fort Worth Public Library Genealogy, Local History, and Archives Unit

Amy Akanni, Gayle W. Hanson, Kwesi Johnson, Trice Jones, Gaby Kienitz, Carol Roark, Bertha Scott, Richard Selcer, Dione Sims, and John Stevenson

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