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Premiere: Tricklock Company’s

Revolutions International Theatre Festival,

Albuquerque, NM, March 6-7, 2018. Touring.

By Christina Anderson

Directed by Daniel Banks

With actress Nicole Gramlich &

Musician/Composer Maritri Garrett

Projections Design by Kate Freer

Costume and Set Design by Murell Horton

Lighting Design by Driscoll Otto

Hollow Roots, by award-winning playwright Christina Anderson, questions the notion of a “post-racial” society by looking at one woman’s quest to understand her identity. The protagonist challenges herself to find a person of color who has a “neutral” identity. The revelations from her journey are poignant and may be surprising to some audience members. The exquisite and transporting text is accompanied by a videoscape expressing her inner life, as well as by live cello music that recalls the sounds of her childhood. Directed by DNAWORKS Co-Director Daniel Banks with Actress Nicole Gramlich, Musician/Composer Maritri Garrett, Video Designer Kate Freer, Costume and Set Designer Murell Horton, and Lighting Designer Driscoll Otto.

Hollow Roots premiered at Tricklock Company’s Revolutions International Theatre Festival in Albuquerque, March 6-7, 2018. Developmental residencies have taken place at University of Kansas’s Lied Center, Amphibian Stage Productions in Fort Worth, TX, and at the South Dallas Cultural Center. Select performances of Hollow Roots will include DNAWORKS’ unique art and dialogue process. At the end of the performance, members of the creative team will invite the audience to share their own stories about self-identification in today’s cultural and political landscape. Funding for Hollow Roots has been received from the Tecovas Foundation and the Marion and Stanley Bergman Family Charitable Fund, as well as a successful crowdsourcing campaign.

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