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DNAWORKSHOP responds to the growing need among artists to break through isolation and to collaborate and support one another in creating new, socially relevant work. The goals of the WORKSHOP are to nurture exchange, communication, and the sharing of ideas and practices.


 The first iteration of the DNAWORKSHOP in NYC 2009-10 was a monthly, three-hour gathering that allowed artists to connect, discuss projects and opportunities, share skills and methodologies, build partnerships, and get advice on practical problems related to their work. We met at a new organization each month that donated space and whose representatives met with the participants to discuss future involvement. The intergenerational initiative engaged artists from all levels of experience who shared the vision of using their art to make a positive difference in the world. The sessions were open to anyone residing in or visiting New York who were interested in becoming part of the process.


DNAWORKSHOP can be replicated in other cities and has a flexible format.

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