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HaMapah/The Map Dance-on-Film is a multimedia, genealogical journey that traces the intersections of Adam W. McKinney's African American, Native American, and Jewish heritages. The film weaves contemporary dance with archival material, personal interviews, and music ranging from Eartha Kitt and Felix Mendelssohn to John Jackson and Yiddish songs. 

In HaMapah/The Map Dance-on-Film, directed by Daniel Banks with cinematography and editing by Laura Bustillos Jáquez, McKinney explores identity, heritage, and ancestry. The three artists traveled to film Adam dancing in his ancestral locations: Benin, West Africa; Kraków and Siedlanka, Poland; Colt, Forrest City, and Palestine, Arkansas; St. Louis, Missouri; Harlowton and Lewistown, Montana; and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


HaMapah/The Map Dance-on-Film is an adaptation of our dance-theatre production HaMapah/The Map, which has toured the world since 2010.

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