Honoring the Memory of Mr. Fred Rouse

Made possible with funding from:

Asylum Arts, City of Fort Worth Diversity & Inclusion Department,

DuBose Family Foundation, Mid-America Arts Alliance, and an anonymous Fund at the North Texas Community Foundation


These tours are co-produced with Tarrant County Coalition for Peace and Justice



*Content warning: references to racial violence

Fort Worth Lynching Tour: Honoring the Memory of Mr. Fred Rouse 

(FWLT) is an interactive, bike, car, and virtual  tour to four sites associated with the December 11, 1921 racial terror lynching of Mr. Fred Rouse in Fort Worth, TX. The tour is accompanied by a downloadable, augmented reality, phone/tablet app that is used at each of the four sites—or remotely—to understand and process the history of the murder of Mr. Rouse at the hands of a white mob. 

The goal of the tour is to generate community healing through

memorial activism. Fort Worth Lynching Tour: Honoring the

Memory of Mr. Fred Rouse invites participants to ask the questions,

“What, how, why, and whom do we remember?” 

FWLT had in-person, socially distant runs in December 2020 and

March-May 2021 in partnership with Fort Worth Bike Sharing and

Tarrant County Coalition for Peace and Justice.


We are currently offering remote tours via Zoom and taking

reservations for group tours.

The in-person tour lasts approximately three hours (the bike tour

is a little longer). As part of the tour, DNAWORKS hosts a

Community Storycircle for participants to process the tour experience

together and share stories of resistance, resilience, and healing.

Participants can take the tour either by bicycle

(bicycle rentals included in the tours) or in their own cars.

Reservations are pay-what-you-can.



In the 1920s, Fort Worth, TX had one of the largest Ku Klux Klan memberships in the United States. Klan members paraded openly through downtown Fort Worth dressed in full regalia. The murderers of Mr. Rouse, arriving in a caravan of cars, kidnapped him from City & County Hospital before killing him. And after Mr. Rouse was hanged, hundreds of people drove to the site of the lynching to witness the result of the murder.


With Fort Worth Lynching Tour: Honoring the Memory of Mr. Fred Rouse, we work to dismantle racism and undo the effects of anti-Black racial terror violence by coming together and physicalizing liberation. We do this by caravaning through the same streets that the Klan did and reversing their route, riding bicycles and driving cars openly to remember Mr. Rouse. Fort Worth Lynching Tour: Honoring the Memory of Mr. Fred Rouse is both an event to memorialize as well as to reclaim space and one another.



Concept and Choreography

Adam W. McKinney


Daniel Banks


Third Wind Productions (Maritri Garrett and David Winder)

Graphic Design

Troy Lambert

App Design

Digital Ant Media

Tintype Photography

Will Wilson

Associate Producer

Jiles King

Production Associate

NaTasha Thompson

Production Manager

Jamelyn Ebelacker

Production Assistant

Lauren Huynh

Sound Engineering

Michael Billow and Gregg Powers

Guest Artists:

Edykah Chilome, Julienne Greer, Sedrick Huckaby, Jordan Jones, Opal Lee, Pastor Kyev P. Tatum, Sr.


Fort Worth Lynching Tour Community: Honoring the Memory of Fred Rouse 

Community Circle of Leaders and Supporters

Tori Adams

Amphibian Stage Productions

CityEquity USA, Inc.

Ayesha Ganguly/Windows on Your World
Tammy Melody Gomez, Sound Culture

MiShon Landry, CEO, Inclusive Leadership Institute


Ministers Justice Coalition of Texas

Near Southside Arts

New Mount Rose Missionary Baptist Church

Tamara Payne/Ensemble Coworking

Southern Christian Leadership Conference, 

The Projects Group

Third Space DFW

Estrus Tucker, DEI Consultants, LLC

Texas Christian University Race and Reconciliation Initiative
Teresa Coleman Wash, Bishop Arts Theatre Center